Kuma, travel dreams

Dear readers,
Today I want to talk about the humans frequent travel habits. It always start with the bag. The cursed bag.

Once the bag is out, she’ll go off into the abyss and disappear for what seems like an eternity. I fear she may one day just never return. (see blog post: Kuma Home Alone)
At first I was very concerned. I would stand guard waiting for her return.

After awhile, I get used to the idea of human being gone once in awhile. I become curious. Where does the human go without me? All the pictures of the ocean, the exotic buildings, exotic fish (mmmm), and strange animals has me yearning to explore the outside world. I need to an action plan…

Scheme 1: Remind the human what she’s missing on her way out

Who would want to part with this cute face? Surely she’ll bring me with her now.

Scheme 2: Pack myself in the bag

I am so sneaky. The human will bring me on her trip without noticing for sure. I would have gotten with this genius plan too if not for pesky Hana!

Go away Hana! Maybe I need to lock her up before trying this plot again.

Attempt 3: Demand my right loudly

Hello human, I believe I have earned a well deserved vacation to Tahiti. I am all packed! Human? Ticket please. Beach and tuna-tinis await.

The human is either deaf or stupid. None of schemes have worked so far. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a better human?