Hanabi Guest Post: A great gift from grandma

Meow! This is Hanabi. I’m taking over while Kuma is out of commission from the cold.

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Look at that lazy bum, hiding at his favorite winter spot. On the heat pad. In front of the heater. Ew.

Mommy left us for what seemed like an eternity. We thought she was dead. But then she came back!

She brought back a box. She says it’s a gift from grandma.

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I have no idea what it is…

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Kuma! MOVE! I can’t see it anymore…

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The monster pours out water!

MMMM yummy yummy water. Thank you grandma! Meow!



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Lori’s Note:

Both of my cats have issues with not drinking enough water and being extremely picky with water quality. This is so crucial for cat health; every owner should be conscious of their cats’ drinking habits.

So I went back home to Taiwan for the holidays. We noticed this water fountain at a local pet boutique there, and my mommy got it for me. This is made by GEX, a Japanese brand. It’s a very simple but extremely effective water fountain. It is very quiet, which already completely beats out my old one (will write about it slightly later). The water passes through a replaceable carbon filter (Rakuten Store Filter Replacement), so you can make sure your furbabies have the best water possible at all time. Best of all, my kitties started using it right away!

Here is a Great Info Page! So you can learn more about this great product. Non Asia based customers can get this at Rakuten or ALI Express Shop.

The most magnificent scratch post for the most magnificent cat

Oh. The human did right with this one. The most magnificent scratching post.

I love that this allows me to go for a full stretch. I love “kkksshh” sound that it makes when I sink my claws into it. I love that it has so many different corners to scratch on.

Wut. You haven’t told me not to scratch it yet.

The bonus? It doubles as a bed! Afternoon naps are perfect on the throne. During the winter, I lay on top to for the delicious ray of warm sunlight. When it get’s too hot, The bottom serves as the perfect hiding spot.

Comfy chair!

(who’s this? More about my friend in upcoming post)

Recently, the scratching post is sadly starting to fray just a bit. But this just makes it better. The frilly bits are so vexing, so strangely delicious, and just so much fun. I have made it a mission to create as much frilly bits as possible

Feel my wrath!!

The human seems to hold a grudge against my prized possession. Often trimming away my hard earned frilly bits. No matter. A magnificent cat learns to put up with his humans misgivings.

It’s seen better days but I love it anyway

Hanabi seems to share my affection for the scratching post. Curse that spoiled brat. Always stealing my spots.


GO AWAY. it is my turf.

What confuses me is the scratching post’s twin in the other human’s room. Everytime I try to claim that as my own, the other human spritzes me with water. Does she not know that my fur is not to be trifled with? Silly humans and their double standards.


Lori’s note: The cats are actually rather well-behaved. They only scratch what they are supposed to. I borrowed the chair from my roommate for a guest, and Kuma claimed the chair before I could train him. Oops.
After a whole year Kuma is still obsessed with this: