Kuma’s Quest for Love Part 1

With cooler weather fast approaching, I’m very alarmed that the human has yet to pull out my heated cat throne. I must take it upon myself to seek a suitable cuddle buddy to get through the colder months. NO. Not the human. I’m thinking more of a… lovely lady companion. I am a firm believer in my own charms and dashing good looks, I should have no trouble recruiting a good looking lady friend. All I need is a perfect dating profile pic, some great pick up lines, and wait for my conquests to fall on my lap. Good thing I’ve been plotting all year long for this moment. So today we will proceed with step 1: Picking a suitable dating profile picture. We can go with a pretty standard, good looking head shot like this:

Or perhaps with a bit more seductive? Does a “hey darling, I CHOOSE YOU to come hither’ look work?”

Or this picture? I believe this just screams: CUDDLES

Hmm… I don’t want to come across as a pushover though. I need this picture too to show my feist. Pow pow!

I look dashing in a scarf. So what are you waiting for ladies? Come get cozy with don Kuma.

~Kuma, looking for love


Lori’s note:
Kuma can’t see the perfect candidate is right in front of him 😉

Kuma the Narcissist

Hello readers, it’s Kuma this week. I read Hana’s funny funny post last week. I will deal with her insubordination in due time. Today is all about me though.
The human told the story of Narcissus, a Greek god who fell in love with his own beautiful reflection. I believe this “Narcissus” guy must be my mythological soulmate (minus the drowning himself part, I’m smarter than that). I too, get caught off guard at my own beauty all the time.

I believe I constantly get away with mischief due to my perfectly devilishly handsome face. How can anyone resist a face like this?

I have 99 problems but a pretty face ain’t one. Human, you may need makeup, but the great Kuma is going au naturale.

On great hair days like this, I just don’t know what to do with myself. Perfect face, perfect fluff. The human just can’t help herself but offer up more tuna.

I think that as a society, we are too consumed by media and don’t notice the beauty of the world around us. Beauty like me. Really, human, why do you need this shiny TV when you can just look at me and pet me and feed me and indulge me?

Mirror mirror on the wall, I know I’m the fairest of them all. That is all.

~Kuma, a bit self-absorbed