Remember, I am judging you ~ Kuma’s signature looks

Ever wonder where the name Kuma Not Impressed came from? It is because I, Kuma, have perfected the kingly look of disdain. It may just be a look, but alas not ever cat has the gift. The trick is to really embrace the disdain and thoroughly judge your subjects from head to toe. Here are some of my signature looks for your reference. Think of this as your lording 101 guide.

The one eyebrow raised look

I first discovered this look when I saw Hana strutting around like she’s all that. One of my favorite judge-y looks, as it is applicable in almost every situation.

The loaf of wrath

My human mistakenly think that cat loafs are “omgah so cute so adorable so cuddly”. This is a reminder that even when in loaf form, Kuma is better than you. The trick to this look is the subtle airplane ears.

The throne

I will always be looking down on you, even when I am not on my throne. You will always be subservient and disappointing.

The very important “how dare you disturb my slumber” look

This one is almost always directed at the human, who somehow thinks that it’s appropriate to bury her face in my fur when I’m napping.

The quintessential I am sorely disappointed look

Another one of my favorites applicable in many situations.
This is my go to look to let my human know I am very much not impressed. Not impressed with the feeding schedule. Not impressed with catnip dosage. Not impressed with choice of kitty roommate (ugh Hana!). Just not impressed.

Hana tried to replicate my sharp, judging, lording eyes.

“Kuma Kuma! I practiced! How does this look?” ~ Hana the adorable.

No, just… no. I guess not everyone’s born to rule like me.