Dear readers,

Everyone has bad days — you run out of catnip, the human wakes you up for unwanted cuddles, tuna flavor all wrong, etc. It’s rough being a cat you know! You can let these slices of lemons get you down, or if you’re the great Kuma, you give them one big old sassy “f you” to the face. The great Kuma lives by the words: “If life gives you lemons, you take a poop on the lemons and give them a piece of your mind.”

I have gathered some of my favorite Kuma-isms (™ pending) and compiled them into this blog post.

“I’ve stopped listening. Why haven’t you stopped talking?” ~Kuma

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~Kuma, so sassy so badass

Lori’s note: I hope these put a big smile on your face. Whatever’s bothering you, strut it off! Channel your inner sassy Kuma attitude.

You are entitled to your opinions. I just don’t care about them.

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