Kuma <3 Kiwi

The servant is particularly stingy with treats. Sigh. Someone please reach out to me. I need strategies on how to train my servant to properly give me treats. I’m scraping by on once or twice a week here. Mayybbee three times a week when I insist. Doesn’t the human know that my livelihood depends on daily treats?

Anyway. I want to share with you one of my favorite treats.


Kiwi! Kiwi!!

Kiwi! Kiwi!!

Human, why aren't you cutting this open yet?

Human, why aren’t you cutting this open yet?

Now to all my readers out there, I too, was once deceived by the unappealing fuzzy brown skin of this crazy fruit.

When my servant dutifully cuts open the fruit for me though. PURRRRR.

Lick lick lick purrrrr

Lick lick lick purrrrr

Hmph, not too shabby human, not to shabby. The Kuma is impressed with your offering, I —- wait, where you going? Human! Come back with my treat right meow!

Lori’s note:

I have no idea why Kuma is so obsessed with kiwis, but it’s adorable! My vet confirmed that it is okay to give him a little bit of kiwi, but everything in moderation just to be safe.

I don’t give Kuma a lot of treats. Look at him. He doesn’t need the extra calories.

Human, I'm not fat, I'm big boned. Now feed me.

Human, I’m not fat, I’m big boned. Now feed me.

Hanabi has zero interest in kiwis.


Hanabi Observation Diary #1

Sometime after moving in, the silly human somehow decided that I was getting “lonely”, that I’m “bored” when she’s not home.

Sure I’m uneasy when the human disappears for hours at a time. As a servant, shouldn’t it be her duty to wait on me 24/7? Great Kuma is very forgiving however. I let her know she has neglected her duty, and will allow her to make up time lost. No, you may not sleep yet, you will play with me until I’m tired.

Somehow that’s a problem.

The silly human’s solution is to get another cat, little Hanabi, to join this household. Ugh.

Hanabi sucking up to the human, ugh.

Hanabi sucking up to the human, ugh.

Hanabi, to put kindly, is a strange cat. No, really, she’s a disgrace of a cat. She is an ingratiating little %$&@%(&

Look at her! Showing her belly shamelessly. She runs to the human at her call, ugh!

Showing her belly. Ew.

Showing her belly. Ew.

She is, however, satisfactory as a sparring partner and belly warmer. I will tolerate her existence… for now.

Her one redeeming quality -- warmth.

Her one redeeming quality — warmth.


Lori’s note:

When Kuma’s not fully tired out by the time I went to bed, he WILL wake me up at 5 AM or earlier.

Having Hanabi around certainly helped. Though initially they hated each other, now they play with each other frequently.

Kuma and Hanabi have completely different personalities, it’s almost like having both a cat and a dog in the house. OH! They do both fetch though :3, that’s for a later post.

Lori: OMGAH look at that face <3

Lori: OMGAH look at that face <3

Hello, readers

Hello readers.

The name is Kuma. That’s the name the human gave me anyway. Lucky for you, I have decided to start keeping a journal of my adventures. This is where I will share my brutally honest opinion about the products I use, and anecdotes of my subordinates.

So I suppose introductions are in order. I am Kuma the cat.  As a baby, all I remembered was shivering in the cold by myself in the parking lot. I was picked up by Friends of Linden Animal Shelter. A teenage girl came by to take me to her place, only to drop me back to the shelter again soon afterwards.

This is how I met the human. She came in about once a week, greeting all the resident cats. I was not interested in the human at first, and the human seemed to leave me be too.

Until one day, without warning, the audacious human just picked me up and put me in her car! I protested indignantly to no avail.

The human brought me up to her place, and I knew then, that the human has vowed to become my servant.

My stay with the human has been… satisfactory for the most part. However, the magnificent Kuma is not easily amused. Stay tuned…

-The Kuma