Profiles of Kuma, Not Impressed Contributors

  • Name: Kuma the cat, means bear in Japanese, because I’m so fierce. (No! it’s not because I’m fat)
  • Birthday: 5/16/2012
  • Coat: All grey, luscious double coat
  • Eyes: Majestic gold, cynical
  • Paws pads: Squishy
  • Claws: always sharp
  • Likes: napping, wet food, treats, catnip, clay litter, boxes, new boxes
  • Dislikes: medicine, getting my claws trimmed (why woman? why??), force cuddles

  • Name: Hanabi, fireworks in Japanese, we also call her Hana, meow meow, !meow
  • Birthday: 5/22/2013
  • Coat: calico, frustratingly flighty hair
  • Eyes: Green, trusting, eyeliner marking on one eye
  • Paws: Squishy, pink with spots
  • Claws: dainty but deadly
  • Likes: food, chicken, human food, chicken, salmon, rice, leftovers, and mommy!
  • Dislikes: Kuma

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  • Name: Lori
  • Nicknames: Servant, the Human (Kuma), Mommy! (Hanabi)
  • Likes: Kuma and Hanabi
  • Dislikes: Kuma’s death howl.